Yet another exclusive Q&A with our upcoming designer, Os & Oakes

Q1.Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

Os & Oakes was developed by a brother & sister duo, who wanted to create a simple, stylish clothing line for toddlers.

-All of our clothing is designed by Erika & Michael and made by a team of seamstresses in London Ontario and Toronto Ontario. Fair working conditions, equitable wages and supporting Canadian economy are what our brand values!

–  Our clothing is made out of a sustainably sourced bamboo fabric that is eco-friendly and ultra soft!

Q2. What was the biggest challenge you faced through your journey till here?

Finding a team of reliable people that truly believed in our vision was difficult. We have heard the word “No” a lot, but perseverance is so important when starting your own business and if you work hard, believe in your visions and your brand it will eventually happen (maybe not overnight- expect delays in the fashion world) but it will happen!


Q3. How many kids do you have? Could you briefly introduce them?

Os & Oakes was created with Erika’s children Noah (age 4) and Bennett (age 3) in mind! We wanted them to have comfortable stylish basic pieces that were on trend! They are often our models and can be seen featured on our website and in our social media. They even have there own Instagram profile: @oakesbros

Q4. How do you manage to balance your work-life and personal-life?

Managing a work life balance is definitely difficult as I (Erika) always feel there is something to be working on. My kids are definitely my full time job so there are many nights where work doesn’t happen until after bedtimes and late into evening! Michael also works a full time job, so prioritizing our tasks with checklists is very important. Also taking a break from emails and social media can help to recharge the batteries!

Q5. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

My favourite part of designing clothing is actually seeing your pieces in public! It’s so amazing when we see children wearing and loving our designs! It gives you such a sense of accomplishment! Starting a business has many ups and downs, but when people say they love your brand or show there support by sharing pictures, it really validates all the hard work!

Q6. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

3 words that describe our brand are Simple, Stylish, Staple

Q7. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

Yes we are in the process of adding additional sizes to our collection and are hoping to release them soon!

Q8. Do you recommend any favorite of your products or brands to our audience?

We love the Australian brand Beau Hudson! Having lived in Australia, Erika love Australian fashion forward designs and I love how Beau Hudson brought that trendy look to children’s fashion! We often pair our Os & Oakes pieces with Beau Hudson apparel! They compliment each other well.

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