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The Creative Director Princess Ada who is a foreign  trained Lawyer and also loves all things fashion,  has always struggled to find dresses that satisfy her sense of style.  “struggled” because while growing up, she recalls how her mum would spend hours in the shopping malls during the festive seasons just to get her a dress. …” my mum will always seem really frustrated because I never find a dress that I really liked, I was constantly referred to as having a “high fashion taste” at the end of the day I would be coarsed  into just picking any dress, although I was grateful but I never really really found “the dress”. This happened so many times during my childhood days and even in adulthood I still really do struggle to find dresses that suit my sense of style.

When I gave birth to my first child who happened to be a girl and all that I prayed for, I was looking forward to dressing her up in different Princess dresses. However, when it was time to celebrate her first birthday, it was like de ja vu, the struggle for the perfect dress started again for my little Princess, at that point, I resorted to making my own designs, I designed her first birthday dress which really turned out nice and the dream was actualized. I believe that our experiences make us and points us towards the right direction.

This experience birthed the dream to own a kids clothing line that will cater to every kid’s unique sense of style. Following on this dream has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment knowing that there’s a platform for every parent looking to buy a beautiful piece for any occassion for their kid, and that kids can find their unique sense of style from the Victoria & Valentina brand.

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