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Uji Matsu

I am a handmade artist in my 50s with four grandchildren. Features of the work: Unique, one size, no pattern. We are particular about a loose, baggy silhouette. We try to enjoy the shading of the fabric (gathers, frills, etc.) as if it were a pattern or decoration.

This time, I was given an opportunity to express my free thinking. I believe that children's clothing is inherently functional, but I created a design that emphasizes baggy and cute silhouettes rather than functionality.

Even if I came up with something interesting, I often gave up because it wasn't something I could sell, and I tried not to think about it. I would like to create a design that satisfies me more freely. I couldn't believe in myself and suffered, but it was a precious time. Thank you very much.

Uji Matsu



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