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I'm interest in kimono making grew throughout my childhood with my mother's influence. 

In high school, I became inspired by the embroidery work and the kimonos passed down in my family home in Kyoto and aspired to become a designer myself. 

I started making yukata and clothes for own children as a hobby and my designs quickly garnered attention on social media. In 2016, I founded my company MOEMUSISAN, inspired by the phrase ”温故知新” (‘to discover newness based on knowledge of the past’). 

I established MOEMUSISAN to create kimonos that freely respond to the taste and style of each person without being restricted by physical features or age, allowing the co-existence of materials deriving from different cultures and traditions without diluting their original COLORS.

My new style of kimono combines classic and modern designs, Japanese and Western influences, and a variety of colors, patterns and materials. 

I have incorporated kimonos hoping to change it from something too upscale to something more casual and fashionable that can be styled freely. I also wish to encourage the reuse of kimonos passed down through generations. Some of the kimonos you will see today have been created by reviving kimonos passed down from my own mother and grandmother.

They also use currently popular fabrics such as lace, tweed, and woven fabrics.

The advantage of kimono is that it can be enjoyed in any season, not only for festivals and celebrations, but also as a coordination for casual wear.

Through my creation, I sincerely hope that KIMONO, a tradition of Japan, will become widely popular throughout the world.

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