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I'm Vivien Liao, I love clothes, and I think they are meant to be worn for a long time. Although I am not a tailor or trained designer, I take great pride in the happy smiles of children when they wear our designs. Those smiles, their happy mothers, and the admiration they get going out are why I started MiFresa, and they sustain me to this day.

MiFresa is the pinnacle of Taiwanese handcrafted clothing. But my wish for MiFresa is not to be just an ordinary company. It is an attitude, a manifestation of our desire to help parents choose only the best for their babies. Every detail is crafted with painstaking and dedicated attention. I hope that every child can grow with the warmth of this desire.


2023  MiFresa's new flower-pattern design uses warm and bright colors with romantic and colorful flowers to bring every child's smile out and make kids' clothes more unique and trend-setting




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