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In this season’s VKFW Magazine T for Talent section, we have placed the spotlight on
the incredible brother-sister duo behind the organic health food company Kids Can Cook Gourmet.

With 14 year old Skylar, and 12 year old Chloe Sinow, using this brand as a platform to inspire kids to eat healthy and show them the importance of knowing what they are eating, and most importantly have fun in the kitchen while doing it. When asked about what a typical day looks like in their company, “there is no typical day at work” says Skylar. “I am very fortunate to be constantly exercising the mind and experimenting with new things that can take our company to the next level”. With Chloe’s response being, “for the most part its really, really fun working with Skylar as we are both really creative people, but we do bring different strengths to our business.”

Both siblings are highly passionate in what they do, first discovering their interests for cooking and business management two years ago during a family trip to Europe. Since then the brand has been featured in a variety of publications and shows, most notably being Dragon’s Den where the two first started to promote their brand, appearing as contestants and walking away with a partnership with two dragons and a sum of $25,000 for 10% of their company.

We asked them, what it is that makes their company so special. “Our company is special in that our products are all organic and we are educating this generation about real food.” said Skylar. “We are donating 5% of all profits to local charity organizations and we like to focus on charities that help feed people like the Foodbank and we are also passionate about helping organizations and programs that teach kids about cooking and gardening.” Their amazing drive, initiative, and commitment to philanthropy at such a young age is what makes them an absolutely perfect example for our T for Talent segment.

In closing, they offered some advice for other kids that are also interested in entrepreneurship “My best advice I can give to someone just starting out is don’t give up. Just remember that in the beginning and many times through out things might get hard and you want to give up, but everything seems impossible until it’s done.” said Chloe.

Chloe’s Fashion Brand

Chloe has also recently been directly involved with our F/W17 VKFW show as well, presenting her own stunning designs for the viewing delight of our audience with her first clothing line – titled ‘Blush’.

“For my F/W17 Collection for VKFW my inspiration was the colour Blush, kind of like a millennial pink. I had a really amazing experience with VKFW! They were very helpful and would answer every question I had in the blink of an eye.” said Chloe. She cites some of her inspirations as a designer coming from the creations Steve Madden and Karl Lagerfeld; first discovering her interest for sewing and design during her time with La Movida Design Studios.

When asked what some of her aspirations for the future were, Chloe answered by saying “I am still quite young & I have lots of dreams. I would like to go to an international design school & also to travel around the world and to have an apartment in New York, Paris and in the French countryside. I want to help teach kids about healthy eating & provide them with great eco-friendly fashions.”

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