Q&A with mommy blogger Kat Petrunia, ourhappyplace.ca

  1. What are your best DIY ideas / suggestions to transform your child’s bedroom?

DIY artwork is a cute way to add a personal touch, and a simple coat of paint with some wall decals can transform the look of any room. Wall decals are great since you can remove them and update them as your child gets older. Painting furniture is also a budget friendly way to freshen up a space and there are lots of quality pieces on Craigslist, etc. that look amazing when refreshed with a coat or two of paint, and some new hardware.

2.What are mom products you can’t live without?

Bebe De Luxe Organic Oatmeal

Bath Soak – it’s my favourite bath product for the kids and I love soaking in a warm bath infused with BDL myself.

3. Any blogging advice or tips for mama’s that want to get started?

Share about topics that are important to you. Think about the things you enjoy and want to share about and go from there. Find some networking/ collaborative groups on Facebook to help you meet other bloggers and local brands, and follow accounts of interest on Instagram. It never hurts to reach out with questions and ask for advice and many bloggers are happy to share a few tips from their own experiences.

4. Where is your favourite place to shop for kids clothing / apparel brand & why?

I love buying from local brands – the styles and quality can’t be beat and is worth every dollar and thrift stores. I splurge on locally made items that both kids will wear and stock up on basics such as t-shirts and jeans at thrift stores. Overall, this helps us save on clothes that the kids grow out of quick, while still supporting local small businesses.

5. How do you maintain a work / life balance?

I’m not sure that I do. But what I try is to prioritize each day and be at peace with how I choose to spend my time. Some days are more family focused and I dial down work, and on work days I pour myself into what has to get done and my Mum watches the kids for me. I prefer to focus on one thing at a time if I can – I’m better as a Mom and wife when I focus on my family, and I’m a better blogger when I focus on my work. That doesn’t always work out and some days are an absolute messy mix of it all, but I just try to think about what my goals are for each day and let that be the main influence of how I structure the day.

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