Peppermint Bark, a sweet festive treat

Looking to get crafty in the kitchen this holiday season but want to make something a little unique?

Well I have the perfect recipe for you. Peppermint Bark has always been my favourite Christmas treat for as long as I can remember. It’s extremely easy to make, and great for a little sweet treat to take to parties. The name derives from it’s thin fragmented appearance, and the sweet peppermint flavour that comes through from using candy canes. Have you tried it before? If not I would certainly recommend giving it a go!

  • Ingredients

    • Candy canes – Mini or large. Red and green stripes look best.
    • White chocolate – Instead of chocolate chips use baking or melting chocolate so it doesn’t harden right away and it’s easier to use
    • Plastic bag
    • Rolling pin or some type of hammering device to crush the candy canes (be creative!)
    • Cookie sheet- I actually did have any, so I “buttered” my cookie pan with coconut oil and it worked great!
    • A cookie pan


1.) First unwrap the individual candy canes and put them into the plastic bag

2.) Take the plastic bag to a suitable place to crush the candy canes and then crush into small pieces to your liking

3.) Pour the crushed candy canes into a small bowl

4.) Melt half of the chocolate in 2 x 30 second periods in the microwave, mixing in between.

5.) In the same container as your melted chocolate add half of the crushed candy canes

6.) Mix together

7.) Take your cookie pan and cover with a cookie sheet

8.) Pour the mixture onto the sheet, thin it out to your liking

9.)  Repeat steps 4-8 for the second layer, and spread it over the first

10.) With two layers of the mixture on the pan thinned and ready, put it in the fridge

11.) Depending on how cold your fridge is it will take at least 1 hour to solidify

12.) Once hardened, take it out the fridge and shatter it up into smaller pieces. Serve and enjoy!

This festive treat also makes a cute xmas gift. You can wrap the fragments in cellophane, embellish with a ribbon, and voila!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday!

Words and images by Megan Clapham