I am an architect, but I was always fascinated by fashion design, which is why while I was working on my profession, I got into it. I can say that I have been self taught, learning by trial and error. In the end I chose to dedicate myself only to child’s clothing, I am passionate about selecting the fabrics and materials that I use, to then be able to create a design in which kids can feel comfortable in, while being in fashion. I am very fond of the Spanish styles, but I have surrounded myself with a team with Mexican hands that work in perfect harmony, which is what has made our brands be very successful all around Mexico, and hoping that in a not very far away future, in other parts of the world as well. I started working at home because my friends asked me for ceremony attires mostly for their own children, but as the orders grew, I decided to create “Ixchel” and mount my own workshop. It is now sold in boutiques all around the country and during a couple seasons we also sold in “Palacio de Hierro”, a well renowned departamental store. In 2017 we started “Micuquet” which is a more casual brand. In both brands, we utilize fabrics such as linen and some cottons of the uppermost quality. 25 years after starting this endeavor I can only say that I feel happy and thankful for all those people that have been around to help me get to this point.

Maria Elena Diaz Sanchez
Instagram: @mariaelenainfantiles