Maison Louise Canada

The Japanese-born designer, Tomoko Oxenfarth, graduated in 2020 from St. Clair college fashion design program in Windsor Ontario, Canada. I was awarded as the top designer prize for the 2020 graduate class. Maison Louise Canada was launched at Ontario, Canada in 2020.

Coming from a family whose heritage is rooted in the design industry with over one hundred years of experience, she was born in Suita, Osaka Japan. Her great grandfather was the first Mayer of the city. Her family lived there for a long time. She learned and got licensed in the Japanese tea ceremony and the Japanese musical instrument called “KOTO” since she was a child, having many opportunities wearing a “KIMONO” – Japanese traditional clothing. She knows how comfortable if people wear a clothe with good fabrics, so she is using good quality fabrics for the designs.

Her designs focus on silhouettes that can be seen in many designs from the previous era that were constructed well and three- dimensional. Also, she uses lots of colourful colours. Her designs are inspired a lot from Lake Louise in Alberta. The brand name is from Lake Louise, too. Her parents took her there many times when she was Kid.  The turquoise colour of the lake water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melted water from the glaciers that overlook the lake. The colour of the water is from the melting ice from a long time ago. She feels long history there and she has a strong message that my designs will handout over the generations.  The lake looks amazing and there are so many colourful flowers around there, too. A flower itself looks isolated but when they grow together, they make beautiful harmony. She used many combinations of colours, and she wants everybody to enjoy the harmony and the chemistry through my designs.