Local food joints in and around Vancouver

Food is as diverse a topic as the community we have in Vancouver. The cuisines we get to try every day here in the city are as colorful and flavorful as the different cultures that we share. There is no denying that food is a major factor that brings us closer together. It reflects on our history, our ancestry and our people’s hardship. If I step on to Robson Street, I see so many different restaurants that serve these delicious world-class dishes that take you on a little trip to the dish’s country of origin with every bite you take. The variety is endless. The flavors are everlasting. The number of places to try are growing by the day. I say step out of your homes and try new things. Start today. Try the local favourites to begin with:


  1. Nero Belgian Waffle Bar, (Robson St. & Seymour St.)

One of the favourite places for the Vancouverites to hang out at! Ranging from teens to the senior population, you will find everyone enjoying the amazing waffles and drinks here at Nero. The chefs bring the classic Belgium flavours right to your plate along with service that is dot on point. A super friendly, cozy and comfortable atmosphere that forces you to keep coming back for more!

  1. Nuba, (Downtown, Yaletown & Gastown)

One of the world’s healthiest cuisines served right in your neighbourhood. Try the authentic Lebanese flavours with a modern touch brought to you by Chef Bouzide who wanted to give his grandmother’s cooking a new platform and identity. He started his journey with a small seating place on Hastings street in 2003 to three amazing locations in Downtown, Yaletown and Gastown. It is evident that tradition runs deep in the heart of Nuba and you can taste it in the beautiful balance of traditional and modern cuisine served here.

  1. Green Lettuce, (Kingsway & Surrey)

The best Indo-Chinese Fusion restaurant in the lower mainland. The amazing blend of Chinese recipes with Indian spices is so saucy it always makes you crave for more! The friendliest and funniest staff that has everyone speaking the native Indian languages shocking everyone and leaving everyone with a smile on their faces. It truly is an incredible union of two cuisines that is so flavourful. It is a must try!

  1. España, (Denman St.)

A humble and charming countryside style restaurant that gives you feel of the classic Spanish Tapas bars from their food but the ambience is totally different than what one would expect. It’s a fine and quiet sit-down restaurant where you can relish the food and the wine. Reasonable prices and totally worth risking going to on a first date!

  1. Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill, (Hamilton St.)

This restaurant has one of the most elegant interiors and open kitchens, one can find in Vancouver. It serves the finest Italian cuisine with a “fresh perspective” as the Chef “Pino” Posteraro likes to call it. It is a well renowned restaurant that is widely appreciated by celebrities, oenophiles and food lovers that have caused to win a dozen awards. Anyone who likes Mediterranean food should try this illustration of cooking, it won’t disappoint you!


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