Exclusive Q&A with this season’s upcoming designer, Cabriolle

Q.1. What is your collection called?

My collection is called "BEAUTY IN ENCHANTED KINGDOM", which has 3 distinctive themes : Royal Heritage, Ballerina and Fairytale. Each theme has its own uniqueness and character that suit certain type of kids personality.

Q.2. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

The collection of Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom is inspired from a story in a world of enchantment and dream.
The theme of Royal Heritage describes the life of princesses in magnificent royal palace with sophisticated interiors, huge stairs, light of dazzling chandeliers, sparkling crystals and beautiful element in a wall. The excitement of Ballerina twirling in the grand ballroom of a palace is captured as the personality
of Ballerina Theme.
Other whimsical elements of flying butterflies, colorful singing birds, beautiful flowers in the garden of the palace, and the fairy sitting on the leaf and blowing a pixie dust are expressed imaginatively in the Fairytale Theme collection.

ROYAL HERITAGE creation by Cabriolle has devoted to the world of Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom, placing an emphasis on timeless beauty. The creation emanates elegance, luxury, glamorous with exquisite sense of craftsmanship and vision of extraordinary royal style.

ROYAL HERITAGE design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery and crystals that serves as a reminder of style and beauty. Each creation is a unique form immersed in intricate detail and exquisite fabrics.
Royal Heritage collection is designed for little princesses who are want to feel the grace and
confidence of royalty.

BALLERINA collection represents playful, charming yet feminine in modern way. A design that moves, evokes emotion and makes little girls want to twirl with excitement.
BALLERINA design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery, pearl beads and crystals specialized with mini ruffled and flared tulle hemline. Your little ballerina will feel so special, she will love the way the layers of ruffled tulle swishing and rippling as she moves.

Fairytale in Cabriolle's collection is steeped in a world of enchantment and dreams. Drawing on the entranced world of a garden dreamscape, charmed elements one may find in a beautiful, whimsical foreign land filled with capricious characters. All imagined within a more whimsical interpretation.

FAIRY TALE design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery and crystals specialized pleated tulle and many of the finest materials for the finest of little Princess, the collection is bewitching to the eye, down to every last detail.

FAIRY TALE collection is designed for little princesses who love to dream and imagine on a magical
journey of exploration.

Q3. Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

I started my professional carrier as an interior designer, however it cannot fullfil my desire of expressing my inspiration and passion in interior design freely. Apperently, i decided to become a fashion designer which is my passion since my childhood. In Fashion for girls’ clothing, i can explore and express my imagination limitlessly.

CABRIOLLE brand is taken from my daughter's middle name, she is my biggest source of inspirations in creating unique and imaginative dresses.

Q4. What motivated you to get into the fashion industry?

Fashion is my passion for life. Fashion is an expression of art, that reflects the inner style and charm of each individual. I want to create dresses for girls which bringing out an authentic, luxury, elegant, glamorous and a unique allure while staying focused on being completely original and stand as a remarkable kids couture with exceptional craftmanship.

Q5. What was the biggest challenge you faced through your journey till here?

The biggest challenge is to create a unique and luxury design with an exceptional craftsmanship which can understand and express a personality for every little girl who wear it. I believe a dress for girls is not just looked beautiful but it should bring confidence and inspire them to explore their imagination.

Q6. What is that one thing you will always look back to?

I never look back. i always focus and enjoy my journey of life.

Q7. How many kids do you have? Could you briefly introduce them?

I have 2 children, a 9 years old girl named Nicole Cabriolle Lee and the youngest boy is 6 years old now, his name is Ethan Nathaniel Lee.

Q8. How do you manage to balance your work-life and personal-life?

The best way to balance my work-life and personal-life is integration. Both life cannot be separated from each other. I love my work as much as I love my family. They are my main motivation and inspiration in achieving my goals and exploring my life journey. Eventhough my work-life requires a lot of time and attention, I will give the best possible quality time for my family. I always try to evaluate my day to day activity and set the priorities first then I would have a better balanced work and personal life.

Q9. Are there any hobbies other than your love for fashion?

Yes, I love travelling with my family and spending quality time together. By traveling I will always be energized with new inspiration and motivation.

Q10. Do you travel a lot with family? If yes, what are your top travel destinations?

Yes, I love travelling to Europe, I love the culture and every details of its classic atmosphere and environment.

Q11. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

The moment when I find the idea, fabric and final output fits together.

Q12. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Unique, Aunthentic, Luxury

Q13. Is there any inspirational quote you follow? And by who is it from?

In Order To Be Irreplaceable, One Must Always Be Different – Coco Chanel

Q14. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

Yes. For now, I am concentrating in designing children's dresses but in the future I will design a collection for adults. I would do a one of a kind piece for a very special individual.

Q15. Who is your role model/ inspiration in your life?

My family is the biggest inspiration in my life.

Q16. Do you recommend any favorite of your products or brands to our audience?

ROYAL QUEEN dress, this sophisticated dress is so royal, it is a perfect choice for who adore luxurious and elegant. It is definitely a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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