Exclusive Q&A with this season’s upcoming designer, The Sociial Collective

Q.1.  What was your inspiration behind this collection?

I wanted to create clothes that put a smile on someones face. I wanted to see mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts pick up one of my garments and say  “I love this, it makes me happy”.  With that in mind, I designed the clothing to have fun patterns, bright colour combinations and garment designs that spread a message of positivity towards each other and our environment.


Q2. Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

Some fun facts about me, I used to ride a motorcycle, and love all type of adventure. I am single mom who has a full time job in IT Sales and run the clothing line all while taking care of Charlie, Willow our 6 month old german shepherd puppy and our grumpy cat, Meow. I have a brother, Brendan, who is 8 years younger than me and works behind the scenes at The Sociial Collective, we also look like twins.


Fun facts about the brand, The double ii in Sociial represents two people. The feminine and the masculine, coming together to help make the world a happier place.


Q3. What was the biggest challenge you faced through your journey till here?

The biggest challenge was understanding who to trust and partner with in this industry. I wanted to make sure I aligned with manufacturers, suppliers and companies that all had the same ethics as I did. Not having much of a background in the fashion industry I found it challenging to connect with the right companies and learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry and manufacturing process. It’s important for us to keep our integrity and motto of being 100% Canadian and eco friendly while supporting local companies whose values mirror ours.


Q4. What is that one thing you will always look back to?

I will always remember the first market we did at The Shops at Don Mills during the holiday season. One of my first customers was a family whose daughter has Cerebral Palsy. Listening to that father and mother share their story and tell me what an impact I was making for them and the entire community of families whose children have special needs was humbling and grounding. When I first created the Special Edition Collection I knew I wanted to help these families, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined the impact and the power behind the messages of these shirts and how much positivity and happiness it would spread.


Q5. Are there any hobbies other than your love for fashion?

I love refinishing antique mid century modern furniture and also love anything and everything to do with yoga and fitness.


Q6. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Fun, Ethical, Sustainable, Local. Yes I know thats 4 =)


Q7. Is there any inspirational quote you follow? And by who is it from?

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glo   rify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ― Rob Siltanen

Q8. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

My goal is to one day upsize our clothes to adults. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had moms and dads ask me if I carry an item in adult sizing. I believe the incredibly soft fabric along with the casual, comfortable unique design of our garments make it a staple item for anyones closet.

Exclusive Q&A with this season’s returning designer, Jax & Lennon

Q.1. Tell us something about yourself and the brand?

J&L is a children’s and ladies clothing company based out of White Rock. Their aim is to create modern, sustainable, & eco friendly baby and children’s essentials that transition from season to season. They strive to work primarily with bamboo textiles due to its many desirable characteristics & of course everything is made right here in the lower mainland.

“Every season we focus not only on what we love but also what we know our customers will love too. Our main goal is to offer clothing that you can transition from season to season, eliminating the need for fast fashion. The pieces have been designed and colors have been chosen carefully to allow for unlimited mix and match options for every personality and style.” says the brand’s head designer Kelsie Power.  The vast majority of their line is made with bamboo. Bamboo fabric is light and strong, buttery soft, silky and luxurious to the touch. It is breathable and temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant! As a result this line is meant to last; it’s meant to grow with your little one, to be played in, to be snuggled in, to be dirtied, and then to be passed on. It’s made to be loved & to make memories in!


Q.2. What is your favorite part of working in Fashion industry?

Designing sustainable quality clothing that children and their mama’s can wear everyday that not only stand up to washing a million times but also meet the style needs of today’s modern family!

Q.3. What’s something you are most passionate about other than fashion?

Health! Since I’ve had children and have become more aware of our environment and what we are putting on and in our bodies it’s a priority for me to eliminate as many chemicals, additives, and toxins as I can from our home. I’ve become so passionate about this I’ve started another business to show people how to do the same!


Q.4. Who is inspired you to get into this industry?

Easy! My son Jaxton! When he was born I was so disillusioned by what was available from the design and the fabric of children’s wear that I began sourcing fabric, designing and sewing to fulfill my wants and needs.


Q.5. What motivated you to get into designing?

I have always loved to sew, when I was growing up I was a competitive gymnast. Most of the bodysuits were very uncomfortable and distracting so I made my own and of course the other girls wanted them too. When my first child, Jaxton, was born my love of sewing was reignited. Friends and strangers would ask for his clothes and it exploded from there.


Q.6. Can you give a short description of your brand? Or describe it in 3 words?

Jax & Lennon Co. is a children’s and ladies clothing company based out of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Our focus is modern, sustainable, & eco friendly baby and toddler essentials. We work primarily with bamboo due to it’s many desirable features as a textile. All of our items are designed by me and made locally here in the Lower Mainland.


Exclusive Q&A with this season’s returning designer, Vonbon

Q.1. Introduce Yourself!
My name is Jennifer Wilson. I am a mother of two beautiful children, that happen to have the same birthday exactly two years apart. I am a sugar junkie, who is  happiest when the sun is shinning and blue skies are above. I will never turn down a donut and think that many of life’s problems can be solved with a living room
dance party. I am also the owner and designer of the local baby and children’s brand, VONBON.

Q.2. What is your favorite part of working in Fashion industry?
I love the ever-changing atmosphere. Each season you can start fresh and new, and be able to base the collection off of new ideas and inspirations.

Q.3. Name one person who has contributed to your success?
It’s hard to name just one when it takes an entire village to make VONBON a success. My husband is one person who I couldn’t live without. He is such a constant source of support and encouragement. Not to mention an amazing father who cooks all of our meals and watches the kids when I need to work over-time. VONBON would not be what it is today without him!


Q.4. What motivated you to get into the fashion industry?
I was looking for cool baby gifts long before I was ever pregnant and I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I created it. It was never really a decision to work in the fashion industry, it just happened that way.


Q.5. Who/what are your inspirations when designing? Why?
I take most of my fabric inspiration from home decor and design trends. When I started my company, I had no kids of my own. I created our collections from a gift givers perspective. As my family has grown, I now look to my own children to inspire my designs, especially the function of our garments. It’s very cool to see how the brand has evolved with the birth of my own kids.

Q.6. What and when was your first fashion memory?
I loved drawing models and clothing from an early age. I had a sketch book full of designs when I was in Grad 8/9.


Q.7. How would you describe your personal style?
It really depends on my mood AND if I have the kids in tow. My clothing choices have evolved over the past decade and I gravitate towards quality made pieces that will last the test of time, kids and trends.


Q.8. Who attracts your attention in the fashion industry today? Why?
I am constantly inspired by other mothers who are making it happen in the Industry. Nicole Bridger is a local designer who I have always loved and admired. She creates conscious clothing and offers collections that are made ethically and responsibly. She is an inspiration to me and many others who are trying to make our mark in an industry that is highly polluting and wasteful.


Q.9. Where are you from and how does that inspire what you create?
I am born and raised in Vancouver, BC and I feel that growing up on the Westcoast has definitely played a roll in how I design my collections. Whether it be from color palettes to the names of fabrics. For example, this season we have an Organic Cotton Slub in ‘Coastal Blue’, and last season we had a beautiful. Hooded Jacket in “Forage Green”. The fabrics we design also need to hold up to lots of outdoor play and washing, because I grew up playing outdoors and camping in the summers.


Q.10. What advice would you give to amateur designers just starting out in the industry?
There are so many people out there trying to do the same thing. Stay true to who you are, what your brand is all about and tell your own story. Authenticity is everything these days!


Q.11. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?
VONBON is a conscious clothing line for the modern infant and child, designed and made in Vancouver. We pride our brand on high quality pieces made with organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics.


Q.12.. What is that one thing you will always look back to?
This past September, VONBON walked the runway for the 1st ever Vancouver Kids Fashion Show. It was exhilarating!! I have never been more proud in my professional career than to see my hard work walk down the catwalk on such amazing little models. It was an experience I will never forget and I look forward to it again this season!

Mayoral presented by VSimage

About the company:
“Our goal is being better rather than bigger. The second comes along with the first one.” Mayoral is a family business with history. Nearly a century ago our grandfather began manufacturing tights and socks in Malaga. Over the years and with the help of his offspring, he developed an important company in that market area. In the 70s, with the third generation in control, the manufacturing of kids clothing started, and we are still at it with the fourth generation of the Domínguez family. Nowadays, Mayoral is formed by a group of companies that are dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of kids’ clothes and footwear to more than nine thousand clients in more than seventy countries. The design of our clothes combines fashion and quality as well as functionality at a reasonable price. We team up with our clients whom we support with image and brand campaigns, while we think of the products consumers and orientating the business towards the present market. All this effort wouldn’t be possible without the work of a great executive team that manage and direct more than a thousand employees at different levels and specialities, for which the company continues to invest in formation. Also, our sales executives are experts in the business and are trusted by our clients, as Mayoral has been operating continuously for years and is not seeking a one day deal. We are pleased to see our best clients prosper knowing that we have helped them get there, and every day we search for new friends.Do you want to be one of them?
The greatness of caring for little things Mayoral is the leading brand for children’s wear in the Iberian peninsula and one of the most important groups specialized in children’s fashion in Europe. Mayoral Group designs, produces, markets and distributes children’s fashion in over 75 countries, through a sales network of: 14 branches, 220 sales agents, 190 Mayoral stores and more than 10.000 clients worldwide. The Mayoral strategy is to promote its designs and brand with personality and its own style, providing our customers with a well-balanced product that is fashionable, price conscious and of the highest quality. Mayoral currently develops its e-commerce sales in the Spanish, Portuguese, British, Irish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Belgian, German, Austrian and Greek markets.
Mayoral has continued “making friends” for more than 70 years. In its history we find thousands of anecdotes, key moments, decisions that have set a course…
The funny thing is, in its origins, what began as a modest company dedicated to the production and marketing of socks and stockings (“Dominguez Toledo” in 1941), is today a major international group that projects and represents Spanish fashion worldwide. Later, in the early 70’s, Mayoral Moda Infantil was founded and is the
current parent company of the group. Mayoral is today an integrated producer of fashion that provides its customers (the point of sale) coordinated, ready-to-wear clothing for presentation to the final consumer. Since its inception, Mayoral has always been a family owned business, a fact crucial to the principles that guide the progress of the company, focusing on ethical and social responsibility.

Exclusive Q&A with this season’s upcoming designer, Plaid & Paisley

Q.1. What is your collection called?

Rocky Mountain Collection.


Q.2. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

We really wanted this F/W collection to be a Canadian take on European fashion. The pieces we have incorporated are very sophisticated, yet the fabrics we very make the garments very casual and comfortable. This collection is masculine.


Q4. What motivated you to get into the fashion industry?

When we started Plaid & Paisley Littles it was a recession. The poor dollar made us realize we must start supporting local Canadian companies. When in search for natural toned basics, we came up short. It seems Canada was lacking a children’s clothing company that encompassed three things: practicality, timelessness and


Q6. What is that one thing you will always look back to?

The three of us will always look back to a simpler time; when garments were often made in Canada, or created by hand. These pieces told a story. They were not mass produced. Moms took time to care for garments, because there were not 50 loads of laundry to do.
Attention was given to clothing because they were more than just a disposable piece of fabric; they were a memory. We hope to bring back this kind of simplicity to homes in Canada.




Q11. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

What we love most is using our creative process to create pieces; then throwing them out to the universe and seeing what it gives back to us.


Q12. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Practical, timeless, effortless; essentially Canadian.


Q13. Is there any inspirational quote you follow? And by who is it from?

“Giving back, is the new luxury.”
Late editior of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani


Q14. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

Plaid & Paisley recently did some major growing up! As we had begun our journey designing clothing from 0/3months – 2T, we realized shortly that our passion was to bring clothing to an older group of children. We decided to adjust our sizing to size 2T – size 11/12.

Who’s got a Sweet Tooth?

Food options in Vancouver are never ending. But the best part about a meal is the dessert. No matter how full we are, there is always room for it. And nothing says dessert like French patisseries. Be it wines, cheese or dessert – the French are the best in the game! Here are my recommendations on where to satisfy your sweet tooth:


  1. Laudrée (1141 Robson St.)

One of most famous pastry shops straight from Paris to our neighbourhood here.  The first thing you will think about when you enter the shop is France. Very sophisticated, fancy and stylish interior with unique French flavours. The place to go for macaroons and tea. The vibe is very Parisian and the staff is very polite and patient.

  1. Breka Bakery & Café (Fraser St., Bute St., & Davie St.)

First things first- this bakery is open 24 hours! Yes, that’s right. A very common place to hang out at for students and office workers who want to grab a quite coffee or a bite to eat. He baked goods are great and having a place to go satisfy those random late night cravings. Always packed and busy but the service is always top notch.

  1. Purebread Bakery (159 West Hastings St.)

This is a family bakery is based in Whistler and has one of the busiest kitchens that run around the clock to provide pastry cases that can be filled with as many as 50 items daily. They serve delicious brownies, coconut banana loaf, flourless chocolate cake, cookies, almond croissants (that are so buttery that they melt in your mouth), freshly baked bread, earl grey lavender scones, oh and the chili cornbread are the major items on their menu that makes the locals drool over.

  1. Cadeaux Bakery Inc (172 Powell St.)

The bakery is run by the award-winning pastry chef Eleanor Chow and her team and they call their made from scratch baking a labour of love. Ah! So poetic just like their all natural goods. From those house-churned sorbets to the pecan raisin sticky buns, they have it all!  You need a novelty cake? Cadeaux is your place to go. It offers eight great flavours that include carrot, lemon poppyseed and chocolate euphoria; and also offer six different kinds of icing so you get your dream cake.

  1. Patisserie Lebeau (1728 W 2nd Ave)

Hands down this place has the best waffles in town. A huge variety of sweet and savory waffles that are as fresh as the morning sun. And the pastries are to die for! A little secret- everything is made in the store itself, nothing artificial.



Yet another exclusive Q&A with our upcoming designer, Os & Oakes

Q1.Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

Os & Oakes was developed by a brother & sister duo, who wanted to create a simple, stylish clothing line for toddlers.

-All of our clothing is designed by Erika & Michael and made by a team of seamstresses in London Ontario and Toronto Ontario. Fair working conditions, equitable wages and supporting Canadian economy are what our brand values!

–  Our clothing is made out of a sustainably sourced bamboo fabric that is eco-friendly and ultra soft!

Q2. What was the biggest challenge you faced through your journey till here?

Finding a team of reliable people that truly believed in our vision was difficult. We have heard the word “No” a lot, but perseverance is so important when starting your own business and if you work hard, believe in your visions and your brand it will eventually happen (maybe not overnight- expect delays in the fashion world) but it will happen!


Q3. How many kids do you have? Could you briefly introduce them?

Os & Oakes was created with Erika’s children Noah (age 4) and Bennett (age 3) in mind! We wanted them to have comfortable stylish basic pieces that were on trend! They are often our models and can be seen featured on our website and in our social media. They even have there own Instagram profile: @oakesbros

Q4. How do you manage to balance your work-life and personal-life?

Managing a work life balance is definitely difficult as I (Erika) always feel there is something to be working on. My kids are definitely my full time job so there are many nights where work doesn’t happen until after bedtimes and late into evening! Michael also works a full time job, so prioritizing our tasks with checklists is very important. Also taking a break from emails and social media can help to recharge the batteries!

Q5. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

My favourite part of designing clothing is actually seeing your pieces in public! It’s so amazing when we see children wearing and loving our designs! It gives you such a sense of accomplishment! Starting a business has many ups and downs, but when people say they love your brand or show there support by sharing pictures, it really validates all the hard work!

Q6. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

3 words that describe our brand are Simple, Stylish, Staple

Q7. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

Yes we are in the process of adding additional sizes to our collection and are hoping to release them soon!

Q8. Do you recommend any favorite of your products or brands to our audience?

We love the Australian brand Beau Hudson! Having lived in Australia, Erika love Australian fashion forward designs and I love how Beau Hudson brought that trendy look to children’s fashion! We often pair our Os & Oakes pieces with Beau Hudson apparel! They compliment each other well.

This just in-summer’s newest style staples!

This summer, it’s all about preppy shirts, blow-ey dresses and pretty pink blouses for all your little ones to make their own style statement. We’ve picked the most colorful, fun and frilly outfits from our designers to help update your little one’s wardrobe with the season’s most stylish ensemble.

This sleeveless top from Vonbon, a designer based in Vancouver, is made from super soft bamboo/organic cotton jersey, and pairs best with almost everything and anything. These rolled cuff shorts in Chambray is the newest addition to the designer’s collection. Designed in light yet structured linen-like Chambray makes it perfect for days at the beach or just a casual sunny day out. And most of all, this outfit is gender neutral, a keeper for both, your little girl and boy.

This bubble dress from our designer brand named ‘The Sociial Collective’ can be styled with either a tee or leggings or just simply worn as a dress. This versatile wardrobe staple is made of super soft sustainable bamboo fabric and has hidden little pockets, your little one is sure to love. It comes in 3 different colors and is designed in Canada, ethically made in Toronto.

This unisex soft cactus tee paired with this cactus harem pants, are a keeper. Comfortable, durable and just perfect for almost everyday, this outfit will be your little one’s favourite. Made with super soft sustainable bamboo fabric, these pants and top have little pattern pockets made with 100% organic cotton. This little cacti outfit only gets cuter each time your little one wears it.

We all need a little black dress in our wardrobe. Os & Oakes, our designer brand established in London, Ontario is known for its detailed contemporary designs for fashionable young ones. This little black dress made out of stretch bamboo jersey with its signature ostrich logo made of Eco-friendly ink. This dress can be styled with a few accessories for a special occasion or styled down for a day out in the park.

Your little one is sure to love these summer styles!

Exclusive Q&A with this season’s upcoming designer, Cabriolle

Q.1. What is your collection called?

My collection is called "BEAUTY IN ENCHANTED KINGDOM", which has 3 distinctive themes : Royal Heritage, Ballerina and Fairytale. Each theme has its own uniqueness and character that suit certain type of kids personality.

Q.2. What was your inspiration behind this collection?

The collection of Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom is inspired from a story in a world of enchantment and dream.
The theme of Royal Heritage describes the life of princesses in magnificent royal palace with sophisticated interiors, huge stairs, light of dazzling chandeliers, sparkling crystals and beautiful element in a wall. The excitement of Ballerina twirling in the grand ballroom of a palace is captured as the personality
of Ballerina Theme.
Other whimsical elements of flying butterflies, colorful singing birds, beautiful flowers in the garden of the palace, and the fairy sitting on the leaf and blowing a pixie dust are expressed imaginatively in the Fairytale Theme collection.

ROYAL HERITAGE creation by Cabriolle has devoted to the world of Beauty in Enchanted Kingdom, placing an emphasis on timeless beauty. The creation emanates elegance, luxury, glamorous with exquisite sense of craftsmanship and vision of extraordinary royal style.

ROYAL HERITAGE design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery and crystals that serves as a reminder of style and beauty. Each creation is a unique form immersed in intricate detail and exquisite fabrics.
Royal Heritage collection is designed for little princesses who are want to feel the grace and
confidence of royalty.

BALLERINA collection represents playful, charming yet feminine in modern way. A design that moves, evokes emotion and makes little girls want to twirl with excitement.
BALLERINA design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery, pearl beads and crystals specialized with mini ruffled and flared tulle hemline. Your little ballerina will feel so special, she will love the way the layers of ruffled tulle swishing and rippling as she moves.

Fairytale in Cabriolle's collection is steeped in a world of enchantment and dreams. Drawing on the entranced world of a garden dreamscape, charmed elements one may find in a beautiful, whimsical foreign land filled with capricious characters. All imagined within a more whimsical interpretation.

FAIRY TALE design creates the signature exquisite dresses shine with magnificent embroidery and crystals specialized pleated tulle and many of the finest materials for the finest of little Princess, the collection is bewitching to the eye, down to every last detail.

FAIRY TALE collection is designed for little princesses who love to dream and imagine on a magical
journey of exploration.

Q3. Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

I started my professional carrier as an interior designer, however it cannot fullfil my desire of expressing my inspiration and passion in interior design freely. Apperently, i decided to become a fashion designer which is my passion since my childhood. In Fashion for girls’ clothing, i can explore and express my imagination limitlessly.

CABRIOLLE brand is taken from my daughter's middle name, she is my biggest source of inspirations in creating unique and imaginative dresses.

Q4. What motivated you to get into the fashion industry?

Fashion is my passion for life. Fashion is an expression of art, that reflects the inner style and charm of each individual. I want to create dresses for girls which bringing out an authentic, luxury, elegant, glamorous and a unique allure while staying focused on being completely original and stand as a remarkable kids couture with exceptional craftmanship.

Q5. What was the biggest challenge you faced through your journey till here?

The biggest challenge is to create a unique and luxury design with an exceptional craftsmanship which can understand and express a personality for every little girl who wear it. I believe a dress for girls is not just looked beautiful but it should bring confidence and inspire them to explore their imagination.

Q6. What is that one thing you will always look back to?

I never look back. i always focus and enjoy my journey of life.

Q7. How many kids do you have? Could you briefly introduce them?

I have 2 children, a 9 years old girl named Nicole Cabriolle Lee and the youngest boy is 6 years old now, his name is Ethan Nathaniel Lee.

Q8. How do you manage to balance your work-life and personal-life?

The best way to balance my work-life and personal-life is integration. Both life cannot be separated from each other. I love my work as much as I love my family. They are my main motivation and inspiration in achieving my goals and exploring my life journey. Eventhough my work-life requires a lot of time and attention, I will give the best possible quality time for my family. I always try to evaluate my day to day activity and set the priorities first then I would have a better balanced work and personal life.

Q9. Are there any hobbies other than your love for fashion?

Yes, I love travelling with my family and spending quality time together. By traveling I will always be energized with new inspiration and motivation.

Q10. Do you travel a lot with family? If yes, what are your top travel destinations?

Yes, I love travelling to Europe, I love the culture and every details of its classic atmosphere and environment.

Q11. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

The moment when I find the idea, fabric and final output fits together.

Q12. How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

Unique, Aunthentic, Luxury

Q13. Is there any inspirational quote you follow? And by who is it from?

In Order To Be Irreplaceable, One Must Always Be Different – Coco Chanel

Q14. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

Yes. For now, I am concentrating in designing children's dresses but in the future I will design a collection for adults. I would do a one of a kind piece for a very special individual.

Q15. Who is your role model/ inspiration in your life?

My family is the biggest inspiration in my life.

Q16. Do you recommend any favorite of your products or brands to our audience?

ROYAL QUEEN dress, this sophisticated dress is so royal, it is a perfect choice for who adore luxurious and elegant. It is definitely a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Q&A with mommy blogger Kat Petrunia, ourhappyplace.ca

  1. What are your best DIY ideas / suggestions to transform your child’s bedroom?

DIY artwork is a cute way to add a personal touch, and a simple coat of paint with some wall decals can transform the look of any room. Wall decals are great since you can remove them and update them as your child gets older. Painting furniture is also a budget friendly way to freshen up a space and there are lots of quality pieces on Craigslist, etc. that look amazing when refreshed with a coat or two of paint, and some new hardware.

2.What are mom products you can’t live without?

Bebe De Luxe Organic Oatmeal

Bath Soak – it’s my favourite bath product for the kids and I love soaking in a warm bath infused with BDL myself.

3. Any blogging advice or tips for mama’s that want to get started?

Share about topics that are important to you. Think about the things you enjoy and want to share about and go from there. Find some networking/ collaborative groups on Facebook to help you meet other bloggers and local brands, and follow accounts of interest on Instagram. It never hurts to reach out with questions and ask for advice and many bloggers are happy to share a few tips from their own experiences.

4. Where is your favourite place to shop for kids clothing / apparel brand & why?

I love buying from local brands – the styles and quality can’t be beat and is worth every dollar and thrift stores. I splurge on locally made items that both kids will wear and stock up on basics such as t-shirts and jeans at thrift stores. Overall, this helps us save on clothes that the kids grow out of quick, while still supporting local small businesses.

5. How do you maintain a work / life balance?

I’m not sure that I do. But what I try is to prioritize each day and be at peace with how I choose to spend my time. Some days are more family focused and I dial down work, and on work days I pour myself into what has to get done and my Mum watches the kids for me. I prefer to focus on one thing at a time if I can – I’m better as a Mom and wife when I focus on my family, and I’m a better blogger when I focus on my work. That doesn’t always work out and some days are an absolute messy mix of it all, but I just try to think about what my goals are for each day and let that be the main influence of how I structure the day.