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Winter Get Away: Where to Travel This Season

by Emma Tyrchniewicz

With the colder weather encroaching on Vancouver, now is the time to look for a winter vacation to get away from the rain and cold of the city.

Though this time of year sees a rise in popularity in tropical destinations, an untapped wealth of fun and adventure lies just across the Atlantic. Portugal is a rarely discussed European destination that is usually passed up for more popular locations like Italy, Spain, and France. Portugal, however, embodies the old world vibe of Europe without drawing in huge crowds, leaving its cities authentic and creating a lasting and real experience for travellers.

Start inland to experience the culture and history of the country in cities like Porto, where there is no shortage of public art, medieval architecture, colourful buildings, and incredible cuisine. Lisbon, its capital. is also a must-see. Softly playing music will lead you down its winding streets to cafes and restaurants with affordable and authentic food, while its museums are full of wonderful artwork and cultural artifacts.

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, you won’t have to go far, with cities like Ericeira and Algarve known for their scenic beaches, warm weather, trendy social scene, and delicious seafood. The best part of this undiscovered trove is that the prices don’t mimic the rest of Europe’s inflated rate. Since this destination is still relatively unknown you can travel the country for much cheaper than other countries in Europe, and fall/winter is the perfect time to travel, when the crowds of the summer are gone but the weather is still warm. Indulge your senses and your appetite this season with a trip to historic and beautiful Portugal!