Summer Trends

by Laura Crawford of PrettyPetunias.com

There is some serious splendour in having two little girls and embracing the ease that is summertime style! It is definitely a favourite around here with those darling freckles and windblown blonde locks glistening in the summer sun – but also because it’s hands down the easiest. It doesn’t get much simpler than a sundress and sandals, but not only that, summertime style can be really fun. So here are some of our top summer style options.

Sundresses and sandals are definitely our go to. Throw in a pair of sunglasses and a sunhat and you are out the door in no time. Especially now that the girls have reached an age where they can bring along a little bag of their own for their glasses and snacks (insert mom’s happy dance – and return to the stylish purse here)!! Of course shorts with classic prints or simple denim cutoffs are also a simple win. Nothing too short, because kids need to run and play and sometimes tackle a warm slide on a summer’s day. However we are definitely not above a ruffle or two and even a tasteful bow or fun pattern. The details are what fancy an outfit up!

Few things have the ability to say summer and effortless beauty quite like white. A beautiful white sundress or eyelet top, is hard to beat. A special occasion often finds the girls in white, each with differing details and styles. Our annual photo of the two sisters in a local beach cove, has had them always wearing white, with an ocean backdrop. I am also easily swayed by a classic, retro print like a gingham or seersucker, a polka dot or even a stripe. Black and white or navy and white. These combinations don’t seem to go out of style, there are variations each season and I find myself generally quite drawn to each version. Either nautical in nature or more Parisian in inspiration.

I like a sandal or shoe in an eye catching colour or with an unexpected detail. My favourite is taking an everyday item, but finding it with a little extra pizazz. You have to wear shoes (at least most of the time) so why not have a bit of fun with it?!

Have you tried jelly sandals?! Jellies are the gumboots of summer. As in they are easy to slip on and are waterproof which – when you live this close to the pacific ocean and in a rain forest – counts for something. And they come in a crazy assortment of cute styles and reasonable prices (and don’t pose the same tripping hazards as flip flops). This year there is the adorable style of the flowing culottes, that is stylish and yet surprisingly comfortable and cool and will take you easily from spring into summer.

A messy bun or floppy hat are your best friends in the summer. Scrunchies are back – like it or not – and they are great for young girls (less pinch factor and make sweeping curls into a messy buns or long locks into a high pony on top of the head a breeze). Bright colours. Embrace whatever your child’s favourite pattern or colour is (and save your energy for somewhere else). Find common ground. My youngest wants pineapple everything and there are so many cute and bright prints to be found!! For a great transitional piece, it’s amazing how versatile a little denim jacket (better with a little stretch) and cute buttons is! Throw on an airy, gauzy scarf and possibly even a Peggalish Beanie (our favourite lightweight, breathable cotton/bamboo hats) in a fun colour and you are good to go for cool evenings and seasonal transitions.


Cute and Casual: Japanese Brand Million Billion

KAORI YAMAGISHI is a Japanese-based fashion designer, born and raised in Yokohama, Japan. After graduating high school, she went on to study at Bunka Fashion College where she majored in Fashion Creation Technique.

Upon graduating, Kaori worked in the apparel industry where she honed her skills as a pattern maker. Continuing to work freelance, Kaori launched Patterns Well “Mammy Jewel Box” in 2006, acting as a designer and a pattern maker for ladies’ wear, kidswear, bags, etc.

Kaori is also active in Mook books, magazines and her translated books are on sale around the world. Her kids’ label was launched in 2017 . “Million billion” is a casual childrenswear line offering colourful and cute garments. The stylish and comfortable characteristics of the clothes is inspired by children’s movements.

Website: million-billion.ocnk.net
Instagram million__billion
Facebook: www.facebook.com/millionbillion1
Twitter: @millionbillion_
Blog: ameblo.jp/million-billion-kids


Spring Summer Kidswear Trend Report

Canadian spring may be a tad late this year — or every year for the matter, but let’s face it, that has never, and will never stop us. We’re officially bidding adieus to heavy weight and multiple layers of clothing as we usher in the season of shorts, dresses, swimsuits and sandals. Give your spring summer wardrobe a facelift with our hottest trend guideline below:

1.) Contemporary graphic prints
Abstract prints seen from last season’s runway toned down to its contemporary and more wearable version. The bold, nonpictorial combination of colors and patterns morphed into geometric prints that often resembles inspiration from dadaism and surrealism.

2.) Millenial Pink and Gen Z Yellow
The ages of Mean Girls , Think Pink and Clueless modernized into one generation. This season’s color trends which we coined Vintage Contemporary highlights a series of toned down shades of pink, yellow and orange. Initially seen in architecture and interior design trends in the past couple of years in which the fashion industry follows.

3.) Ruffles and Pleats
It’s not much of a surprise to see that ruffles and pleats are still on the hype, much like the previous season. Unlike other trends, these are here to stay. These classic details give clothing a timeless and sophisticated look. Ruffles and pleats are a designer’s favorites as they are versatile and can be used in infinite number of ways.

4.) Lightweight Natural Fabrics
Our skin, specially children’s, can only take so much fabric as the temperature goes up. Obviously heavy wool is not an option for a sunny day at the beach so opt for lighter and more breathable natural fabrics like cotton and linen — they’re comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly. It’s a win-win.


7 Must-Haves Winter Workout Clothes

By: Reg Lok Von, Blogger at Valeio: Nourish Through Movement

Winter doesn’t mean you have to bundle up like Michelin Man on your run or hike – it just means we can go shopping for warmer workout wear! I have rounded up 8 pieces bound to keep you warm and chic on your outdoor adventures.


As the temperature drops, your body takes more time to warm up and stay warm. That racerback tank is no longer cutting it on those early morning runs. I like to layer a breathable long sleeve over my tank so I have the option to remove it and tie it around my waist when it gets hot.


October in Vancouver can get pretty cold and quick. Adding a thermal layer over your tech T or tank helps keep you warm. Some have a mock neck, which will also help retain body heat during breaks. My girls wear them during soccer practice and game days. Adding a vest or fleece zip up will also keep the core warm. Thumb holes also help to keep hands warm on those early morning runs when there is a bite in the air.

If you find it harder to keep your lower extremities warm, look for leggings that are made of a thicker material. There are also brushed leggings, which have an extra fleecy layer on the inside. They help retain body heat but still allow the sweat to dissipate.


As rainfall increases (and possibly snow), it is probably a good idea to invest in a good waterproof outer layer. Who wants to be cold AND wet after a sweaty bootcamp class or a long hike? Don’t forget a toque and gloves made from breathable materials.


I’m all about the layers. Although the outdoor workouts usually come to a halt this month, I still get that chill as the body cools. To avoid this, I layer! Following strength workout, I’ll throw on a thicker top with sleeves like a terry cloth crew neck. Who says you can’t look chic and stay dry in athletic wear?

To keep warm when you leave the gym, I like to throw on an insulated coat.