Exclusive Q&A with our upcoming designer brand this season, Wild Swan

Q.1.  What is your collection called?

「Bitter Girl」

Bitter Girl’s concept is elegance and coolness. By using flower designs that aren’t too sweet, every girl will transform from a sugary girl to a stylish lady.


Q2. Would you like to share some Fun facts about you or your brand?

Usually people would wear very simple designed leotards during practices.  But at the same time, it is a moment when you can see yourself in the mirror for several hours.  By wearing WILD SWAN’s leotard, you will become more elegant than usual, and your everyday lessons will become very special.  In order to make them more comfortable and beautiful in shape, we fixed the leotard over and over to create what we have now.


Q3. What motivated you to get into the fashion industry?

I loved dancing when I was a child, and starting my own leotard brand was my dream since.  So after I graduated college, I experienced the fashion industry by working at an aparel company and being in charge of the designing section.


Q4. What is that one thing you will always look back to?

I always listen to advices and requests from other people when creating leotards.  However, this may be a self-centered thought, but I eventually come to a conclusion of making a leotard that will excite me.  I always look back into my passion when producing them.


Q9. Are there any hobbies other than your love for fashion?

Yes, my hobbies are going to museums and movies.  I feel like I’m experiencing the world of the works when coming in contact with art, movies, and music.  It’s definately a great moment for me.


Q10. Do you travel a lot with family? If yes, what are your top travel destinations?

Yes, I love to travel.  I would go with my family if it’s somewhere in Japan, but when I visit other countries I’m usually alone because some of my travels are work related.  Out of all the countries I’ve visited, the one that has a special place in my heart is Russia, the place I always wanted to go as a child.


Q11. What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

I was taking ballet and gymnastics lessons when I was a child.

I was always observing Russian ballerinas and gymnasts because I knew Russia is the top country when it comes to ballet and artistic sports.  I was young, but I noticed how their uniforms were more unique in design than what I saw in Japan, and the rich color really impressed me.

Since then I am really attracted to the designs, colors, and calico patterns that Russian art and folk craft uses.

The originally designed textile of this collection is also influenced by their ballet music Swan Lake, and their traditional craft Gzhel.  I am very satisfied with how the textile came out to be.


Q14. Are you planning to upsize your clothes?

There are so much more new things that I want to do with WILD SWAN, so I will be announcing more new products in the near future.  Not only in Japan, but having all of the dancers in the world wear WILD SWAN’s leotard is my dream.\


About the designer:

Chiya Ishikawa, a designer was born and raised in Hyogo, Western Japan, performed in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics since she was a child. Passionate about her dancing, Chiya always wanted to dress up her leotard more fashionably than wearing the simple ones. She always dreamt of playing with colorful prints and different fabrics to create a leotard of her own. It was no later than graduating from University, Chiya went after pursuing her dream. She worked as a product designer at a wholesale fashion company, and with sheer dedication, in 2015, launched her own dance wear brand, ‘WILD SWAN’, products of which are currently made and sold in Japan.


‘WILD SWAN’ was launched in 2015, and within a year’s time participated in the ‘Play Time Tokyo Kids Fashion Exhibit S/S 2016. She was also covered in ‘ Kids Fashion Magazine Appeared in “Milk France” A/W 2016’. She was an Award winning designer for ‘Discover The Kobe Genius Artists Project, 2016’ and, in 2017, she will showcase her collection at ‘Vancouver Kids Fashion Week’.


Made and tailored in Japan, WILD SWAN’s textiles reflect true originality in terms of its designs and prints. With fabrics that are smooth as ever, WILD SWAN products adapt to your body temperature and restrains from sticking to your body.

This leotard can transform you into stylish dancers and make those dance lessons filled with fashionable fun.

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