7 Must-Haves Winter Workout Clothes

By: Reg Lok Von, Blogger at Valeio: Nourish Through Movement

Winter doesn’t mean you have to bundle up like Michelin Man on your run or hike – it just means we can go shopping for warmer workout wear! I have rounded up 8 pieces bound to keep you warm and chic on your outdoor adventures.


As the temperature drops, your body takes more time to warm up and stay warm. That racerback tank is no longer cutting it on those early morning runs. I like to layer a breathable long sleeve over my tank so I have the option to remove it and tie it around my waist when it gets hot.


October in Vancouver can get pretty cold and quick. Adding a thermal layer over your tech T or tank helps keep you warm. Some have a mock neck, which will also help retain body heat during breaks. My girls wear them during soccer practice and game days. Adding a vest or fleece zip up will also keep the core warm. Thumb holes also help to keep hands warm on those early morning runs when there is a bite in the air.

If you find it harder to keep your lower extremities warm, look for leggings that are made of a thicker material. There are also brushed leggings, which have an extra fleecy layer on the inside. They help retain body heat but still allow the sweat to dissipate.


As rainfall increases (and possibly snow), it is probably a good idea to invest in a good waterproof outer layer. Who wants to be cold AND wet after a sweaty bootcamp class or a long hike? Don’t forget a toque and gloves made from breathable materials.


I’m all about the layers. Although the outdoor workouts usually come to a halt this month, I still get that chill as the body cools. To avoid this, I layer! Following strength workout, I’ll throw on a thicker top with sleeves like a terry cloth crew neck. Who says you can’t look chic and stay dry in athletic wear?

To keep warm when you leave the gym, I like to throw on an insulated coat.

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