Refurbished Clothes: The Art of Stylish and Eco-Friendly Clothing

Photo courtesy of Clarissa Dingle

With a keen eye for children’s fashion, I know how to get the most use out of your little ones’ clothing. There are many ways to reuse and refurbish items in your kids’ wardrobes and all you need is a pair of scissors and a few spare minutes.

For instance, cut joggers, leggings, and jeans into cut offs for the summer. If your kids are anything like my active 4-year- old, you’re aware of how often the knees of their pants get worn out, so chopping them into shorts will have you get use of these items through the spring and summer months. I also do this with pants that my son has outgrown in length. On my blog, I elaborate more on how to distress denim items yourself. It’s quick, it’s easy to pull off, and the compliments on your kids’ outfits will be endless.

With long sleeved tops, plaid and denim shirts, simply cut the arms off, transforming these pieces into vests and tanks for warmer seasons.
I have even recently cropped the bottoms and converted the tops into tanks for some PJs that Hudson has outgrown. I didn’t have to invest a penny for new ones for the upcoming spring and summer weather.

Refurbishing options for clothing items are endless, and you’ll save a ton of money because the articles you buy can literally be used for all seasons. Have a bit of fun and try refurbishing clothing on your own,then tag me on social media so I can see!

Words and photos by Clarissa Dingle

I’m Clarissa, a single mom to my 4-year- old son, Hudson, a full time secondary Social Studies teacher, and the founder of the Life with Sass blog. I am passionate about kid and mom fashion, décor, healthy living, sarcasm, writing, and photography, so my blog is a creative outlet that allows me to share all of these facets. Discussing co-parenting successes and adversities, while documenting daily monochromatic vibes and flare, I aspire to promote sass in my parent followers.

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